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Barbecue Pizza

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I love pizza, and when I found out that I cold no longer eat pizza I was devastated. Since that time, I have been searching to find the perfect gluten-free pizza restaurant or recipe. In my recent move, my husband and I ran into this place called Z Pizza. I was so excited that they catered to GF and had decent prices! It was pretty good, but did not satisfy my cravings completely.

I decided to revisit the crust of a barbecue pizza I had been perfecting. My husband complained that the previous crusts had been to chewy or had a strange aftertaste…and I agreed. I stumbled upon this focaccia bread and crust packet and the grocery store and decided to give it a try. It’s called “The BlueChip Group, INc Pizza and Foccacia Mix” and I was happily surprised with how good it was.

After cooking the crust as the directions call for ( I added a little extra margarine on the greased pan so it could fry it like deep dish) Jut spread your favorite sweet and spicy barbeque sauce on top with some cooked and chopped chicken, then add some mozzarella cheese and I like onions and all the peppers I can find. Pop that pack in the oven for about 15 minutes and Presto! a delicious gluten free pizza with a tasty crust to boot. Even my picky husband liked it!

PLEASE EXCUSE ALL PHOTOS RIGHT NOW (I just moved and am still unpacking my camera)

~Glutenless Goddess


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