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5 Minute Spaghetti

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Everyone likes a quick meal, especially me. I had having to wait for food sometimes so if I can have something whipped up in 5 minutes I am a happy camper. Spaghetti can surprisingly be a quick meal with the right ingredients, and those ingredients can be found in most grocery stores, preferably a health food store (more gluten free options); I chose Trader Joes. This 5 minute meal was so simple yet so tasty.

5 Minute Spaghetti 

  • package of Bavarian german sausage (read the ingredients because sausages can be tricky, sometimes they are gluten free and sometimes they aren’t so be very careful)
  • Can of all natural spaghetti sauce ( again, read the ingredients, if you don’t recognize an ingredient as a vegetable or spice you use regularly, don’t buy it)
  • Grated parmesan cheese
  • Package of Gluten free noodles (okay, yes this can take more than 5 minutes to boil, but put them on boil as soon as you enter the kitchen and they will be ready when everything else is.)

Chop sausage, and cook in a frying pan on medium-high until they are hot an seared on the outside (they will be pre cooked). In a pot, heat up the spaghetti sauce. Serve everything over noodles and add parmesan for flavor. Wahla, 5 minute meal.


~Glutenless Goddess